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Compare the lowest rates for your Ohio Health Insurance plans. Whether you are an individual, family, self employed, Senior, student, or uninsured, our expert guidance and experience allows you to view and learn about the most affordable on or off-Marketplace health insurance in Ohio. Easily review all private and ACA plans in your area, and customize the copays, deductibles, and rate that fits your budget. 2024 short-term gap coverage, long-term options, Exchange, Medicaid, and 65+ Medicare products can also be viewed.

We also help you understand and calculate your free federal subsidy that can reduce your premium. Both subsidized Obamacare and non-ACA plans are available. Enrolling in a new plan takes only 15-20 minutes. By comparing coinsurance, drug benefits, primary-care-physician, and specialist office visit copays, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses, inexpensive and reasonably-priced plans can be reviewed. You can choose comprehensive coverage or the cheapest available high-deductible (HSA) major medical plans. Low-deductible and low-copay options are also offered. The maximum allowed deductible for non-HSA plans is $9,450.

Our free 2024 guides help you find the best policy for subsidized and non-Obamacare plans. Policies are offered with comprehensive office visit and prescription drug benefits, along with low-cost major medical catastrophic benefits. Shop Anthem Blue Cross, Medical Mutual, UnitedHealthcare, CareSource, Humana, Cigna, Ambetter, Molina, SummaCare, Oscar, Paramount, and other carriers. Obtain coverage during Open Enrollment or with a qualifying life event that allows you to easily enroll online. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Catastrophic Tiers offer a variety of options from several carriers. Many plans offer immediate $0 premiums.

Regardless if you reside in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or any other Buckeye State city, many plans are offered that reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Qualified under-65 plans provided unlimited benefits with no annual or lifetime caps on covered items. Inpatient and outpatient coverage is immediately covered when a policy begins. Physical therapy, mental illness, and maternity benefits are included with no waiting period or special deductible. Maternity and newborn coverage is included on all plans without adding a rider or waiting period.


Senior Medicare Plans In Ohio

You can also view Senior Medigap plans. Choose among Medicare Advantage (MA), Supplement, and Part D prescription drug coverage offered by multiple companies. If you have reached age 65, you are probably eligible for benefits. Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not provide complete coverage for all expenses, including hospital stays, skilled nursing, and doctor bills. Unlike private plans, Medicare is managed by the federal government, and the provider network covers the majority of physicians, specialists, medical facilities, and hospitals. Consumers are not required to purchase Medigap coverage.

Twelve standardized plans are offered (A through L) with requirements and limitations fully explained. A high-deductible Plan F option provides 100% coverage after the deductible has been met. For new enrollees, a high-deductible Plan G is offered, which provides a single deductible with 100% coverage after the deductible has been met. The plan deductible is $2,700, and benefits are the same as regular Plan G once the deductible is met. Several Plan G benefits include Part B excess charges, Part B co-payment or coinsurance, Part A hospital costs and coinsurance, and skilled nursing care facility coinsurance. The maximum out-of-pocket threshold (TrOOP) is $8,0000 for 2024 (including Donut Hole). The coverage gap begins when your expenses reach $5,030.

The least expensive option for new applicants is Plan G, a high-deductible (HD) plan. In most counties, including Montgomery, Franklin, Hamilton, and Cuyahoga  counties, the following carriers offer plans that cost  less than $50 per month for a 65-year-old male – New Era Life, United American, Medico, United States Fire, Bankers Fidelity, Mutual Of Omaha, Elips Life, Humana, Ace Property And Casualty, and Continental Life. Additional carriers that offer Part F (HD) plans to existing carriers for less than $50 per month include Great Southern Life, United American, New Era Life, Allstate, Humana, and Medico.

Ohio Part D prescription drug plans are offered by the following companies: AARP, Anthem, Cigna, Clear Spring Health, Elixir, Humana, Mutual Of Omaha, SilverScript, and Wellcare. CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) plan ratings provide a system that compares plans with 1-5 star designations. Rx Cost info rating, Plan ID, Summary Star Rating, and formulary drug lists are also provided. CMS also provides a unique ID for each plan and designates whether gap coverage is included. The standard deductible is $545. Covered insulin is typically available for under $35 on most plans.

LIS (Low-Income Subsidy) Qualifying plans with $0 premiums are: Cigna Secure Rx, Clear Spring Health Value, Elixir Rx Secure, SilverScript Choice, and WellCare Classic. LIS assists applicants with lowering the cost of their drugs and the cost of coverage. If a covered person might no longer qualify for LIS, CMS will send a form in September. A new application is also enclosed with a postage-paid envelope in case coverage should be retained. It’s also possible that the copays may change or a new prescription drug plan will be issued effective January 1. You can change prescription drug plans each year, although a comprehensive review of potential out-of-pocket costs should be completed.

The least expensive plans are SilverScript SmartSaver, Wellcare Value Script, Cigna Saver Rx, Mutual Of Omaha Rx Essential, Clear Spring Health Premier Rx, Clear Spring Health Value Rx, AARP MedicareRx Walgreens, Humana Walmart ValueRx Plan, and Wellcare Classic. Preferred generic, generic, preferred brand, non-preferred, and specialty drugs are covered. Formulary drug lists are provided by all carriers. Most plans cover the donut hole discount, but do not provide additional gap coverage.

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in Ohio are popular options for Seniors. Approved private carriers offer comprehensive benefits that often include prescription drug, dental, vision, and hearing benefits. Network providers help lower out-of-pocket costs with HMO, PPO, PFFS, and SNP contracts. Contracts with the highest 2024 enrollment include: AARP Medicare Advantage from UHC, Aetna Medicare Assure 1, Aetna Better Health Of Ohio, Aetna Medicare Advantra Silver, Anthem Medicare Advantage, Anthem Medicare Advantage 2, Anthem Medicare Advantage 3, Anthem Extra Help, Anthem Full Dual Advantage,  CareSource MyCare Ohio, Devoted CORE Ohio, Humana Gold Plus, Humana USAA Honor, HumanaChoice, Humana Cleveland Clinic Preferred, MedMutual Advantage Classic, MedMutual Advantage Signature, Mount Carmel MediGold No Premium, Mount Carmel MediGold Premier, Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio, SummaCare Medicare Topaz, and Wellcare No Premium.

Your free under-65 Marketplace quotes are the best available prices allowed by each carrier, and there are no costs or obligations. We also discuss and review the impact that the Affordable Care Act and the current Administration will have on your specific situation. New plans and carriers may enter the marketplace in future years. Additional budget-friendly high-deductible options may also be introduced, along with flexible temporary plans. Regardless of which political party in office, pre-existing conditions will continue to be covered on specific plans. A “public option” has been discussed, but has never been implemented.

Free Quick Online Quotes

Instant online individual and family health insurance Marketplace quotes are provided by our broker/agency with more than 40 years of experience. Our free service is provided by live persons. Inexpensive plans are available, and we find them for you. We provide rates and information for all of the major companies (on and off Exchange), such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual, Humana, Molina, CareSource, Ambetter, Paramount, Cigna, National General, Oscar, AultCare, and SummaCare.

HealthSpan, Premier, Assurant, and InHealth no longer underwrite private individual policies. Several Co-Op companies could not sustain profits and ceased writing business. Many carriers offer Medigap options, but do not offer Exchange plans (Aetna, Humana, and Cigna). Small business, disability, life, dental, vision, and employee-benefit contracts are offered in all counties. Business owners can review many low-cost options for their employees, including ancillary dental, vision, and hearing benefits. The “SHOP Exchange” offers products for group benefits in selected states (see below).

By requesting free information at the top of the page, you can quickly view, compare, enroll, or apply for the most affordable high-quality plans offered to consumers. These rates are the most competitive prices in the state, and there are no fees. You can also quickly and easily compare Senior Medicare options, and and enroll or apply by phone, email, online, or through mail. If Open Enrollment has ended, a qualifying event will allow you to apply for coverage with pre-existing conditions covered. On and off-Exchange plans can be purchased without answering medical questions.

Our unbiased and expert service continues after the policies have been issued, including help with any billing, claim, or administrative issues. Dental, vision, life, final expense, critical illness, disability, and long term care coverage is also offered by many carriers. Employers with less than 50 employees can also obtain benefits through the SHOP Exchange. Self-employed persons can take advantage of several tax deductions including HSA plans. Several coinsurance and deductible options allow you to customize the policy.

The least expensive Ohio HSA plans are: CareSource Marketplace HSA Eligible Bronze, Ambetter Choice Bronze HSA, Medical Mutual Market HMO 7300 HSA, Medical Mutual Market HMO 4000 HSA, Anthem Bronze Pathway X HMO 7450/0%, Anthem Bronze Pathway X HMO 6000/20%, Paramount Bronze 1, UnitedHealthcare Bronze Value HSA, and Aetna Bronze 2 HSA. Once eligible for Medicare, your HSA funds can be used to pay Part B, Part D, and MA (Medicare Advantage) coinsurance, copays, and deductibles.


Many Affordable Plan Options

Quality benefits can be affordable. There are many policies that can fit your budget and we do the research. These plans help you when you have a claim, and feature the coverage you are likely to utilize. If you have pre-existing conditions, or you have been denied coverage in the past, you do not have to answer any medical questions on the short application. You can not be turned down during Open Enrollment, or if you have a qualifying life event, which generates a “Special Enrollment Period.” There is no waiting period for benefits and annual and lifetime caps have been removed.

Budget-friendly plans are available in big cities, such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, Canton, and Toledo, along with smaller cities, such as Dublin, Massillon, Hilliard, Sandusky, Centerville, Loveland, Athens, Kettering, and Oxford. Provider networks are customized, so that there is a greater chance to cover the physician, specialist, hospital, Urgent Care, or other medical facility that you prefer to visit. Inpatient and outpatient expenses, along with counseling, therapy, mental health, ER, and preventative expenses are covered on all qualified plans. Most carriers include online telehealth  coverage.

Catastrophic, comprehensive, self-employed and HSA health plans are reviewed, so we can properly recommend the best policy for you. And as your needs change, and you and your family grow older, we’ll be here to review your coverage. Personalized coverage helps minimize the cost of expensive medications and chronic treatment, potentially saving thousands of dollars in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. Although several PPO options remain available, most Marketplace plans utilize an HMO or EPO network. An EPO option provides some out-of-network benefits at a higher cost.

Alternative Christian medical cost-sharing plans are also offered. However, these types of Ministry policies are not regulated by the state, and do not guarantee the payment of medical expenses. Members share each others medical bills, and a network of participating doctors and hospitals provide discounts. Premiums are typically less than an unsubsidized Exchange plan, and often, you can visit any doctor or specialist. Members must adhere to Christian principles and hope that the number of submitted claims does not far exceed the expected amount.

Rates are often higher for faith-based plans since a federal subsidy is not available. Unlimited medical benefits, which are included on all Exchange plans, are generally not offered on Christian-sharing plans. Annual maximum benefits can range from about $100,000 to $2 million. Qualified preventative benefits also may not be covered at 100%.


Inexpensive Temporary Medical Plans

If benefits are only required for several months, Ohio short-term health insurance plans may be suitable. Temporary policies often cost less than $70 per month, although deductibles and coinsurance often must be met, before preventative and non-preventative expenses are paid. Policies can be purchased for 1-36 months, with office visits and prescription drugs included on some plans. These options are popular if you miss an Open Enrollment deadline, or have no major health conditions and do not qualify for a subsidy. Often, Urgent Care and telemed visits are subject to only a copay and enhanced prescription drug and office visit benefits can often be added.

Temporary plans typically feature premiums approximately 40%-70% less than unsubsidized policies. Nationwide provider networks are offered with Anthem, UnitedHealthcare and Allstate (Aetna network). Thus, out-of-state treatment is available. Companion Life offers inexpensive options that can be kept up to 12 months. Deductibles as high as $12,500 are offered with indemnity plans, and several ancillary riders can be easily added. Urgent Care visits are often subject to a copay, and flexible prescription drug options are available.

Legislation has limited benefits and availability in many states, although Ohio continues to offer a robust temporary plan portfolio. Anthem introduced a new temporary contract two years ago that covers some pre-existing conditions. The countrywide Anthem provider network can be utilized outside of the Buckeye State.


Essential Health Benefits

All Marketplace (Exchange) plans contain required essential health benefits, although deductibles, copays, and your out-of-pocket costs can vary. These benefits include:

Preventative services including annual routine physicals, mammograms, and child well-visits

Lab and x-rays

Prescription drugs (Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, and Specialty)

Inpatient and outpatient Hospital

Emergency Room Services (including Urgent Care)

Maternity and newborn services

Pediatric vision and dental

Ambulance services

Rehabilitation services

Substance abuse and mental health


Obamacare Tiers

The Obamacare options are classified as “Metal” policies. Platinum is the most expensive option, followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze. It is possible that all of your premium could be paid by a federal subsidy. Platinum-tier plans are designed to pay 90% of your expected medical expenses, Gold-tier plans – 80%, Silver-tier plans – 70%, and Bronze-tier plans – 60%. Administration initiatives may repeal or drastically change the ACA Legislation. If completed, a new portfolio of plan options would be created, and you will be able to review options and easily apply for benefits. A “Public Option” could be offered within the next several years, depending upon Congressional approval.

The lower your household modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), the larger your financial aid will be. We quickly determine if you are eligible for aid and what amount you will receive. CHIP and Medicaid are available if your household income meets Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines. You can also choose to select a policy that does not receive federal aid. Medicare-eligible Seniors can not enroll in Exchange plans. However, they may remain on Group plans provided by employers after reaching age 65. Advantage, Supplement, and Part D prescription drug plans become available when they become eligible for Medicare.

We teach you the things you should know about your policy. For example, what if you have more than a 63-day lapse in coverage? What about a 90-day lapse? Do you need a COBRA or a HIPAA plan? How often should you shop around and change policies? What if I only need benefits for a few months? Are special student plans offered? Is an HSA a good idea for us? When is the best time to apply for Medicare benefits? Is a Medigap plan needed? Do you need Part D prescription drug benefits? We help you with all of these concerns and any others you may have.


Lowest Available 2024 Rates

Paying less by “purchasing direct” for some of the items we buy is often possible, but not insurance! Many Quote Services like to advertise that by “buying here direct,” you are saving money. Quite simply, this is not true. Any individual or agency in Ohio that offers insurance, must be licensed by the Department of Insurance (ODI). No broker or Agency can offer you a “special price.” However, we still give you the choice of applying with the free help from a broker or purchasing direct. Online and phone enrollment is available.

Several of the cheapest Ohio health insurance plans are listed below:

Catastrophic Tier

Anthem Catastrophic Pathway X HMO 9450

Aultcare Catastrophic Select No Pediatric Dental

Medical Mutual Market HMO Young Essentials

Oscar Secure Select

SummaCare Value With 3 Free PCP Visits


Bronze Tier

Aetna Bronze 2 HSA

Aetna Bronze S

Ambetter Standard Expanded Bronze

AmbetterEveryday Bronze

Ambetter Choice Bronze HSA

Ambetter Elite Bronze

Anthem Bronze Pathway HMO 9400

Anthem Bronze Pathway HMO 9450 Adult Dental & Vision

Anthem Bronze Pathway HMO 6000

Aultcare Bronze 8550 Select No Pediatric Dental

Aultcare Standard Bronze Select No Pediatric Dental

Aultcare Bronze 7000 Select

CareSource Marketplace Bronze First

Medical Mutual Market HMO 9450

Medical Mutual Market HMO 8300

Medical Mutual Market HMO 7300 HSA

Oscar Bronze Simple

Oscar Bronze Classic PCP Saver

Oscar Bronze Classic Standard

Paramount Bronze 2 HRA

Paramount Expanded Bronze Standard 1

Paramount Bronze 1

SummaCare Standard Bronze

SummaCare Bronze 8000

SummaCare Bronze 9450 With Three Free PCP Visits

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Value HSA

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Value


Silver Tier

Ambetter Virtual Access Silver

Ambetter CMS Standard Silver

Ambetter Clear Silver

Ambetter Enhanced Silver

Molina Constant Care 1 250

Molina Constant Care Silver 8 250

CareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver

Anthem Silver Pathway X HMO 5800/40%

Anthem Silver Pathway X HMO 5000

Anthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000/25%

Medical Mutual Market HMO Standard Silver

Medical Mutual Market HMO 6500

Oscar Silver Simple

Oscar Silver Classic

SummaCare Silver 6000


Gold Tier

Molina Confident Care Gold 1

Ambetter Secure Care 5

CareSource Marketplace Gold

Medical Mutual Market HMO 2000

Anthem Gold Pathway X HMO 2500

Oscar Gold Classic

SummaCare Gold 1800

Rates must be approved by the ODI and can not differ from one broker to another. Not even a nickel! Anyone can sell you health insurance. But medical plans are our specialty, and we ensure you receive the best plan for your money. We also take your right of privacy very seriously and continuously update and upgrade the security of this website. When legislative changes occur (such as new Administration plans), we show you the impact it has on your budget and benefits.

Ohio Health Insurance coverage is just a click away. We help you find affordable medical benefits, and make it easy to enroll for a policy. Whether you need to find on or off Marketplace coverage, we take care of the shopping so you save. Multiple company comparisons are customized to match your priorities.

Senior, student, self-employed, temporary, and small-business coverage is offered. Additional ancillary options are available, including dental, vision, life, disability, Medicare, and long-term care plans.