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Low cost student health insurance in Ohio is offered by most of the large health insurers. Premiums are extremely inexpensive, and monthly billing is offered with an option to cancel coverage at any time. Anthem Blue Cross, SummaCare, Medical Mutual, Molina, Premier, and Ambetter feature affordable plans that include comprehensive office visit, prescription and major medical benefits. The policies are very reliable and provide flexible options to fit special needs.

We research and review all  available plans, so we can show you the policies that provide the coverage you need, but at the lowest possible cost. If you live in Ohio, but attend an out-of-state school, it is important that we choose a carrier that will provide Network coverage in that area, so that you have a wide choice of physicians, specialists and medical facilities. Also, both full-time and part-time students can qualify for coverage. If a policy is needed quickly, you may be able to obtain short-term benefits until the Exchange (or off-Exchange) policy is issued.

Student Health Insurance In Ohio Is A Requirement

Most major Ohio colleges and universities (Ohio State, Dayton, Miami, Kent State, Bowling Green, Xavier, etc…) require full-time students to have medical coverage. In fact, many schools offer student coverage that can be purchased each semester. Sometimes, university medical plans may limit the facilities you can use or the type of care you receive. There also may be a low “lifetime limit” on the allowable medical benefits. Perhaps the biggest concern is that ongoing specialized treatment may be limited when it is critical to utilize specific facilities. However, if you currently have a serious medical condition and are included on a parent’s policy, it would be wise to remain on that contract as long as possible (sometimes to age 26).

An individual plan (You can find details here) will provide access to off-site physicians and medical facilities. If a specialist is needed, they may be located many miles away from the campus. Most health insurers have large networks that allow you to choose specialized treatment, even if the provider is located hundreds of miles away. In many situations, if needed, you can also utilize facilities in different states. University plans often do not include this feature.

Typically,  rates  are not expensive. For example, a healthy 20-year old male in the Columbus area can purchase a comprehensive policy for approximately $121 per month (Medical Mutual Market HMO 7150). A more comprehensive plan option with lower deductibles and copays, will cost approximately $149 per month (Molina Marketplace Silver Plan). Also, the CareSource Low Premium Silver policy features unlimited primary care physician (ppc) office visits with no copay or out-of-pocket expenses. The monthly cost is $141.

What Happens If You Study Abroad?

Spending a semester (or longer) overseas is becoming much more popular for college students. Although fees and tuition costs are often quite reasonable, securing quality healthcare coverage can sometimes be a greater challenge. It’s possible that your traditional private medical plan will extend limited benefits for expenses incurred in foreign countries, especially if there is a medical emergency.

A valuable resource for finding the best policy for your travel needs is the US State Department and the Bureau of Consulate Affairs.  The US Passports and International Page provides a list of insurance providers for overseas coverage. Information regarding medical evacuation services, lost baggage, cancelled flights, and medical escort services is also provided.


To view your low cost student health insurance options, simply click on the “Get Instant Quote” button at the top of the page. You’ll be able to easily, compare or apply for quality coverage from the top healthcare providers. Rates and benefits will vary, depending where your University is located, and sometimes, your home state of residence.