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You just lost your group health insurance at work. Now what? Well…Don’t panic because help is on the way. There are many Ohio private medical coverage options to consider, and most of these plans offer office visit, prescription and preventive benefits. If you recently lost healthcare benefits, individual and family policies are very affordable in most areas of the state.

We are located here in Ohio, so we completely understand the situation you are facing. We have designed this website to specifically help persons that may be losing coverage or have just had a policy terminated. Most of the plans can be paid month-to-month so your immediate out-of-pocket expenses are reduced. You may not be able to duplicate the exact coverage your employer provided, although in some situations, you can obtain more comprehensive coverage at a reduced rate (assuming you qualify for a federal subsidy).

Most likely, your group health care benefits were very rich in benefits, with low deductibles on hospital visits and low copays on covered office visits and prescriptions. Also, any emergency room visit probably featured low copay. Although you can duplicate your benefits with an individual policy, the cost would be very high with most carriers. For that reason, other alternatives should be considered.

Short-Term Options

If you’re concerned with only securing coverage for a few months (perhaps six months or less), a “temporary” (short-term) policy might be a wise choice. Although this type of plan places a deductible on the vast majority of benefits, premiums are extremely low and policies are often approved within 24 hours. Many persons that have lost group benefits will select this type of coverage until they have a clearer picture of how long they will be without health insurance.

However, you may not be able to renew a temporary plan if you develop a serious medical condition such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Also, pre-existing conditions are not covered which should be strongly considered when selecting the type of coverage you apply for. We’re always happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of plans like this.

Ohio major medical policies for individuals and families that have lost their group health care benefits through their employer are also an option to consider. Costs for major medical coverage have remained low and plans can be paid on a monthly as-needed basis. Large expenses such as hospital and emergency-room charges are one of the benefits of this type of policy. And although most office visits and prescriptions are not covered, catastrophic plans are often used to bridge the gap between one group plan and another. If you are self-employed, an HSA is a plan that may help.

Low-Deductible Plans – Great Coverage But Expensive

Low-deductible medical plans that feature low copays are the most expensive type of coverage. And while they closely resemble company group plans, they may not be the most appropriate choice, considering the premium and the length of time the policy is kept.

We realize that many Ohioans are losing their group health insurance at work. We’re here to help. Please call us any time at (888) 513 6446. And of course, you can view rates by clicking on the “Get Instant Quote” button at the top of this page.