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Health care reform is one of the Ohio’s most contentious issues. President Obama wants government-sponsored health care, hoping costs will reduce. Insurers and doctors are concerned that patients will have fewer choices under Obama’s plan. Drug companies fear that quality of our health care will reduce. Consumers don’t want to be forced to buy plans they don’t want, and especially don’t want to see substantial rate increases.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the difference between myth and fact. One common myth is that Ohio consumers overwhelmingly want to see the current health care system changed. But that’s not true since recent polls indicate roughly half of the state residents, and the US population, want to maintain the current system. While the current way is not perfect, perhaps it should be tweaked instead of overhauled.

For example, HSAs are very popular and most employer-provided plans are partially-paid by the business owners. Major medical plans help healthy persons reduce their cost of coverage while high-risk pools provide a guaranteed option for persons with major medical issues.

Liz Peek wrote a very interesting article about Obama’s five “Health Care Myths.” I don’t necessarily agree with all of her assertions, but there are some very valid points she raises. If you’re concerned about Ohio health care, you’ll be interested in reading this article.

You can read a similar article in its entirety here.

Updated September 2020 – President Obama served for four years, and President Trump has served for the last four years. The Presidential election is in two months and either President Trump or Joe Biden will be our next Commander-In-Chief.