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Need help with finding affordable healthcare in Ohio? It’s available! An insurance broker works for you and not the carrier.  A broker researches, reviews and studies hundreds of  insurance quotes to provide you with the most affordable plans that match your budget. Whether you qualify for a federal subsidy, don’t have current coverage, or are a Senior shopping for Medigap plans, free expert guidance is offered.

Since rates are mandated, a specific website or agent can not offer prices lower than a broker or the insurer itself. However,  since we are one of the few resources that offer 37 years of experience, and free 24/7 online quoting, customers and prospects can view customized plans that are created to help lower out-of-pocket expenses. We specialize in individual and family  medical coverage, and take the time to find the plans that offer the coverage you need, and meet your specific budget.

Enroll Online, By Phone, Or Through Email

One of the advantages of utilizing our resources is that we combine the simple automation of online buying with live help (if you need it). We’re not located overseas. We live in the state, just like you. Comparing policies can be very complex and confusing since what’s best for you might be completely different than another person’s choices. We’ll help you make an informed and unbiased choice so you pay the least and get the most for your hard-earned money!

Dramatic changes in coverage have made a  broker’s role increasingly important in the process of explaining state and federal reform changes and their effect on your rates and coverage. Insurers have already implemented some of these changes, and more changes are on the way. We monitor any change in rate, coverage or law and notify you if they will impact your policy. If necessary, we’ll recommend appropriate changes that will keep your benefits and rate where you want them. Presidential election results must also be considered when planning your future medical benefits.

Exchange Plans

Newly established “Exchange” websites may be up and running in 2014. Although you will still use this website for buying your coverage, the availability of plans will change, and presumably premiums will also change.  If enrolling in an Exchange lowers your premium, we’ll provide direct links and walk you through the process.

We understand that it is very confusing and frustrating to buy a policy…especially online. When you speak to us, you are working with a broker with more than 30 years of experience in the business. There are no charges or costs associated with the service we provide and we never share your information with any other person or company. And since we represent all of the major health insurers, you don’t have to worry about the pitfalls of going directly to a specific carrier. That is…we’ll research many plans from many different companies, not just a few plans from one company.

Online  health insurance quotes are available from many websites other than ours. However, there is a good chance that another website will be operated outside the Buckeye State, and also may not have licensed and registered brokers. That’s why tens of thousands of Ohioans have visited our website. They know they will receive unbiased up-to-date information without any cost or obligation.