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Obamacare health insurance took a hit this week when the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that an amendment blocking the controversial healthcare overhaul can, and will be on the ballot in November. Ohioans can now vote to exclude themselves from a federal law that would require the purchase of medical coverage plans.

ProgressOhio had claimed that many signatures on the original petition should not have counted. But the Ohio Court disagreed, after considering the allegations and reviewing more than 400,000 signatures. secretary of State Jon Husted also verified that the signatures were authentic.

The Buckeye State Already Has Low Rates

Currently Ohio health insurance rates are among the lowest in the US. Inexpensive individual and family plans are available at prices that are generally 20%-50% less than many other states. We provide free comparison shopping to consumers, who can freely select the company and type of coverage they want. It’s likely that freedom will be ending if national healthcare reform, in its present format, is fully enacted in 2014.

The Supreme Court will also be ruling in 2012 (June?) to determine if individuals can be forced to buy healthcare. If the SP rules it is not illegal to be uninsured, a key piece of Obamacare will be stripped away, and many carriers may choose not to offer Marketplace coverage.

Jo Jingles of Reuters wrote an excellent article providing additional information. Here it is.


April 2016 – The Supreme Court did uphold the law requiring citizens to buy qualified medical coverage. Currently, the non-compliance penalty is a maximum of 2.5% of household income.