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Did 2012 bring you good health? Whether you had an incredibly healthy year, or one filled with unexpected conditions and medications, everybody wants 2013 to be their healthiest year ever. So here’s our 10 suggestions designed to help you enjoy 2013, your healthiest year ever! And it might help you reduce your medical insurance premiums in Ohio.

Eat blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. They taste great and they have a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients. Of course when you have a craving for a Kit-Kat, Twix or some other incredibly addicting candy bar, it’s not easy to reach for the berries. But even if you substitute these berries just half of the time, you’ll feel much better.

Walk. I know. It’s boring. In fact, when I walk, I think about all of the other things I could be doing instead. And there are a lot  more interesting, less time-consuming tasks I come up with. Like cleaning the garage or emptying the dishwasher. Or going to the dentist. Wait. Hold on. Maybe walking isn’t as bad as I thought.

Play A Sport!

Play a sport. I play tennis. Not as much as I used to since I’m now in my 50s. Ouch. That hurt to say that. But I have been playing since junior high school, including local tournaments in the Dayton area. I also enjoy golf. Well, not really. I’m awful. In college at Miami U, I was selected as one of the “worst golfers on campus.” Sadly, I have regressed. But don’t let that stop you from playing.

Take up a new sport. Perhaps racquetball or bowling. If your knees can stand the beating, play some recreational basketball with work associates. Try running. You don’t have to see if you can still run 40 yards under 5 seconds. Try jogging at a local park or around the neighborhood. If the wear and tear is too much, use a miniature exercise trampoline for indoor use.

Get out of the same routine. Regardless of whether it’s eating or other daily activities, shake it up a bit. Try going places on Tuesday that typically get done on Thursday. Take care of a few chores in the morning instead of the afternoon.

Get a flu shot. They’re cheap, fairly painless, don’t take up a lot of time and if you get the flu, you’ll be glad you got the shot. Don’t forget to have other family members (if applicable) get one as well. It could save you many weeks of agony and uncomfortable days away from work.

Read And Learn

Stay informed about a wide range of topics that you typically don’t embrace. Some examples would include, national healthcare, current events around the world, new cooking techniques and recipes and the latest movies. Also, enjoy fine arts in your area. See some plays, go to the Opera and watch a concert in the park. OK. I’m not saying that I’ll do all of these things, but you should! I’m just the author!

Be charitable. Will you be more healthy by giving more. Many studies say you will. By taking a few extra minutes of your time to give to others less fortunate as you, you’ll fell better about yourself and many other things, and you’ll be helping persons that will hopefully appreciate your acts of kindness. Whether through a local church or synagogue, or a local government organization, there are plenty pf opportunities to make a difference.

Routine Annual Physicals Are Free!

Get a physical. It won’t cost you anything since annual routine physical examinations are covered by your personal or group Ohio health insurance plan. Even after 2014, when State Exchanges appear (maybe), you won’t have to pay any out of pocket cost for preventive expenses. So take advantage. You paid for it!

Keep in touch with old friends, neighbors and of course family members. Whether it’s in person, by phone, email or Facebook, an occasional unexpected “hi” will lift their spirits, and perhaps yours as well. It might also begin or reinvigorate an old relationship that you’ll cherish for years. Of course, you better check with your wife first about some of those old relationships!

There you have it. Ten ideas that will make your 2013 a better and healthier year. Enjoy it!