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Low-cost Ohio health insurance plans are offered through the Marketplace. Medical Mutual, Anthem, Ambetter, Oscar, Molina, SummaCare, and CareSource feature budget-friendly policies that are extremely affordable and inexpensive. Premiums for individuals, families, the self-employed or the unemployed will be much cheaper than you realize after viewing some of the plans.

We help you apply and enroll for both on and off-Exchange policies. Medical questions and physicals are not required,and meeting specific underwriting guidelines are not needed. Quality benefits are no longer impossible to obtain, and the ACA subsidy could pay most or all of your premium payments for Ohio Marketplace plans. The instant tax credit is based on your household income, and ages of all applicants.

You can obtain benefits with many companies, regardless if you have previous coverage, or if a prior policy has lapsed. During the official Open Enrollment election periods, there are no pre-existing condition exclusions, and previously unavailable benefits, such as mental illness and maternity, are included on all Exchange plans. Out-of-pocket costs will vary, and can be quite substantial, unless an upper-tier plan is selected.

The best health insurance often contains coverage found in more expensive policies. While catastrophic expenses are covered, additional benefits such as office visits, prescriptions, preventative exams and lab/X-ray costs are also included. Preventive benefits are covered at 100% with no waiting period. Thus, if your policy effective date is January 1, a routine annual physical scheduled for January 2 is completely covered. Complications that result from the annual physical may be subject to a deductible.

Student medical plans are offered by most carriers. Since most students are under age 25, prices are less expensive than the typical adult plan. Preventative benefits are also provided without a copay, coinsurance, or deductible. Since University-provided policies will always cost more than $25 per month, continuing coverage through a parent’s subsidized contract (or employer-provided group plan) is often the only option to keep premiums low.

Affordable Care Act Plans

Healthcare reform changes mandated the preventive benefits coverage along with many additional items including the elimination of lifetime caps on benefits paid. These extra benefits also apply to high-deductible policies and most other contracts. Only short-term, critical illness, limited-benefit, and other unapproved policies do not contain these requirements.

Additional “essential benefits” automatically began to be included on all policies five years ago as part of legislation issued by the Department of Health And Human Services. Maternity and mental illness are two provisions that are covered along with many others. Previously, comprehensive contracts excluded many of these services or placed a waiting period and/or extra deductible on benefits.

Our “Get Free Quotes” box at the top of this page, allows you to view and compare all available Ohio health insurance plans at the lowest available rates. Also, listed below are some budget-oriented choices with surprisingly comprehensive benefits.

Catastrophic Policies

Market HMO Young Adult Essentials (Medical Mutual) – Since this policy is offered in the “catastrophic” Metal tier, unless you’re under 30 or can qualify for a financial hardship exception, it is not available. The plan is ideal for students, professionals or young persons that seek the lowest available premium, and are willing to accept a larger ($8,150) deductible.

A $40 copay for office visits (first three) bypasses the deductible and large negotiated provider discounts help offset the cost of additional non-preventive visits. An optional dental and vision rider is also offered. The plan is available in many parts of the state.

HMO Value (SummaCare) – If you live in Northeastern Ohio, this policy is another cheap catastrophic option. The deductible of $8,150 is high, although once it has been met, 100% of your expenses are covered without additional coinsurance. The first three non-preventive visits are also covered at 100% instead of having to pay a copay.

Bronze Policies

Marketplace Bronze (CareSource) – Since this is a “Bronze” tier plan, all applicants are eligible. So, who is CareSource? Headquartered in Dayton, like Medical Mutual, they’re a non-profit managed-care company that has provided medical coverage for more than 25 years. This plan has a high $7,700 deductible and prices are very attractive in Montgomery County and other areas. Primary care physician visits are covered with a $60 copay. The specialist copay is $120.

Essential Care 1 (Ambetter) – Once the $8,150 deductible is met, benefits are paid at 100% with no out-of-pocket expenses.  Buckeye Community Health is the parent company and offers many inexpensive options in this tier. Vision and dental for adults can be added to all Ambetter contracts

Balanced Care 5 (Ambetter) – Similar to previous plan but slightly more expensive, and the deductible is $7,350. Office visit copays are $40 and $80, and prescription copays are available for generic and preferred generic drugs ($20 and $60).

Bronze Pathway X HMO 7900 (Anthem) – Anthem’s most affordable plan in the Bronze tier. 100% coverage after $7,900 deductible (no coinsurance). The Anthem network discount will save money for many procedures and tests.

Silver Policies (Note: Silver tier plans are the only options that allow you to drastically reduce the deductible through “cost-sharing.” If your household income qualifies, you can easily save thousands of dollars on a major claim, and hundreds of dollars on office visits. Yes…It’s a bit like getting money handed to you through your TV!)

Silver 4600 HMOx (Humana) – $4,600 deductible and eligible for cost-sharing reductions (only in Silver tier). Humana’s Ohio network is very large.

HealthSpanOne 1500-70 (HealthSpan) – Low $1,500 deductible HMO plan with 30% coinsurance. Very popular in Dayton/Cincinnati areas.

Pathway X PPO 3500/25% (Anthem) – One of Anthem’s cheapest Silver contracts. $3500 deductible coupled with 25% coinsurance.

Gold Policies

HealthSpanOne 1000-80 (HealthSpan) – $1,000 deductible and one of the cheapest available “Gold” options.

HealthSpanOne 250-70 (HealthSpan) – If you want a low deductible, here it is! Only $250, although coinsurance is 30% and maximum out-of-pocket expense is higher than many other plans in this tier.

Pathway X PPO 1250/10% (Anthem) – Low deductible and one of Anthem BC’s most comprehensive plans.

Secure Care 2 (Ambetter) – $500 deductible, although this policy is not available in all counties.

Aultcare 1250 90 G (Aultcare) – $1,250 deductible from this very service-oriented company. The policy is not available in all areas of the state.

Senior Medicare Options

To find Medigap plans that cost less than $25 per month, Medicare Advantage plans would need to be considered. Although not all contracts cost less than $25, many policies are offered with $0 premiums. Often, dental, vision, and hearing benefits are provided, along with additional perk, such as SilverSneakers or YMCA memberships. Although Supplement plans are more expensive, the network of providers is much more inclusive.

Although many of these low cost policies should always be considered when evaluating affordable options, there are hundreds of additional policies offered by the major carriers, and some may be the best choice for you. That’s where we can help. We’ll research all available plans…not just a few. And if your need is temporary, we’ll consider a “short-term” contract, which allows you to get coverage the next day, and keep for a month, or sometimes as long as 12 months.

Please don’t hesitate to call or contact us with questions. We know Ohio plans better than anybody since we are located here and have 38 years of experience providing help to thousands of clients. And of course, you never pay any fees.