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Dental insurance plans in Ohio are affordable, easy to apply for, and available through many of the most recognized insurers. The cost of good managed-care coverage, which includes regular preventive checkups, is actually less expensive than most people realize. Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual and Humana are four of the larger providers in the state. There are also many other smaller carriers that offer “discount “plans.

We combine more than 40 years of experience with our unmatched and unbiased knowledge of insurance coverage. You’ll view the lowest available premiums on our website, and if you wish to apply for a policy, you’ll be amazed at how quick the process is. Many of the plans offer vision riders, if you need glasses, contact lenses or any other eyecare. With many plans, you can choose your own dentist, and schedule a preventative visit with x-rays with no waiting period or deductible to meet.

We have carefully picked the best policies in the state and made them available to you. Pediatric coverage is also automatically covered through many Exchange plans. If you need help with enrollment, or subsidy calculation, please notify us. Open Enrollment for Marketplace plans begins November 1, although special exceptions are available for qualified applicants (SEP).

Managed Care Vs. Indemnity

There are two classifications of dental plans in Ohio. “Managed Care” utilizes networks of dentists, specialists and oral surgeons, the same way health networks group doctors and hospitals together. The service you receive is priced in advance at a per-arranged rate. Often, larger discounts are provided for major extractions root canals, and crowns.

For example, while the cost of a tooth extraction might be $120 for someone without coverage, when you utilize a network provider, the cost might reduce to $90. Or perhaps $60 or $70. It makes a big difference! Other non-preventative expenses are also likely to be heavily discounted, including fillings and root canals.

Indemnity policies usually require you to pay for your services first. A claim is submitted and you wait for your reimbursement. Although you have a wider selection of facilities to use, most persons don’t like to pay for treatment up front. Many procedures can be very costly, and followup treatment may be needed.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is much easier if you have regular coverage. Also, most of the choices you see are “managed care” instead of “indemnity” policies. This allows you to submit a claim and take advantage of pricing discounts instead of paying for services upfront. Listed below are your best options.

Also provided for several options is a link for each company that shows you specific benefits. We urge you to view the information from the link as you are reading this page. You can also contact us for additional specific details. 2023 benefit and costs of coverage are regularly updated.

 Anthem Blue Cross Ohio

Essential Choice PPO Bronze – $50 deductible ($150 per family). Annual maximum benefit is $1,000 with 100% coverage for in-network preventative and diagnostics treatment ( cleanings, x-rays, and exams). 50% coverage for fillings (basic restorative).

A fee schedule determines how much of the non-preventive expenses are covered. Orthodontia is not covered under the Anthem contracts and is rarely covered under any other personal medical policy. However, group plans through employers often include up to $2,000 of benefits. As previously mentioned, we highly recommend viewing the specific rates and coverages here for more extensive information.

Medical Mutual Ohio

Medical Mutual is one of the oldest and most revered insurers in the state. They are also a non-profit company that offers three plan options. For example, the monthly rate for Plan 3 is about $17-$20 monthly per person, which is less than Anthem. However, there are some differences in coverage. Medical Mutual’s Plan 3 dental policy does pay for 100% of preventive dental expenses including two exams and x-rays per year, fluoride, and other common benefits. Fillings are also covered, but at 80% instead of 100%.

Many non-preventive expenses are not covered, including crowns, anesthesia, dentures, extractions and restorative treatment. A full listing of benefits can be provided upon request. Also, MM requires an annual payment, instead of the more common monthly option.

Plan Options

Plans 1 and 2 offer more comprehensive benefits. After the $100 annual deductible, up to $1,000 of benefits can be accessed. Also, both basic and major services are covered, although coinsurance ranges between 20% and 70%. Family members are also able to use different dentists.

“Major” services include inlays and onlays, crowns, bridgework, complete and partial dentures, endodontics and crowns.

If you want an inexpensive dental plan that specializes in preventive benefits, and you don’t anticipate using your benefits for major expenses, then the Med Mutual policy is a good buy. It is also a good beginning policy if you don’t have or never had this type of coverage before. And of course, policies can be terminated at any time.

Medical Mutual Ohio Information

UnitedHealthcare Ohio

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is one of the largest health insurance companies in the state and the US. They offer two very reasonably-priced  policies… The “Premier” and “Value” plans. The Premier plan is ideal if you are not using a provider in the UnitedHealthcare network. However, the “Value” option utilizes Network discounts and therefore costs less. If your dentist is a Network provider, this plan may be best for you.

UHC also includes discount dental and vision benefits in their health care plans. It is part of the FACT coverage in many Golden Rule plans. Although it is just a discount policy, it‘s a nice basic added feature to their plans. Savings will vary, depending on the procedure.

The Premier and Value plans provide 100% coverage on preventive expenses and you do not have to meet any deductible or waiting period. “Basic” services including simple extractions have a 6-month waiting period. And major treatment, which includes root canals, bridges and surgical extractions, have a 12-month waiting period.

A $50 per year deductible applies to the Basic and Major benefits. The UnitedHealthcare Network is countrywide and consists of more than 100,000 providers. We highly recommend you view specific benefits here:

Ohio Dental Discount Plans

The biggest advantage of having a discount plan is the cost. They are very inexpensive compared to conventional dental policies. Premiums can be as low as $90 per year for an individual and $150 per year for an entire family. Preventive benefits are typically very inclusive. Routine checkups and basic x-rays are often covered with little or no out of pocket expense.

However, most other services are provided with discounts that are generally less than what is offered on conventional plans. For example, discounts on fillings, extractions and root canal treatment are generally 20%-35%, instead of 40%-75%. And although there are available dentists in all areas, the Network is smaller compared to Anthem or any of the other large carriers. But for basic cheap coverage, it’s not a bad option.

You can view, compare and apply for coverage here:

Ohio Dental Discount Plans 

Humana Ohio

Humana is one of the nation’s largest insurers and offers three VERY affordable  options. You can view details below. The three offered plans are:

Dental Preventive Plus allows you to use any dentist in the huge Humana network. And Ohio has plenty of providers to choose from. Like most plans, most preventive benefits are covered at 100%. Basic services are covered at approximately 50% while major expenses receive a discount. Cost is about $16 per month.

Dental C550 requires that you pick a primary care dentist for your benefits. A low $10 copy applies to office visits and filling and extractions also have very low copays ( $30 and $35). There are no waiting period and no benefit maximums. Typically, consumers keep coverage at least 12 months. Cost is about $15 per month.

Discount coverage provides cost reductions of up to 50%, depending on the service. It is not classified as insurance, but offers a quick cheap option to reduce your dental costs. Cost is about $11 per month. If you rarely use your policy, this choice may be most appropriate.

Humana plans are very affordable and popular private and group choices for Buckeye State residents.