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You want to find the lowest Ohio health insurance Exchange and non-Obamacare prices. But there are hundreds of guides and websites that offer quotes. What makes us so special and how will it help you when searching for Marketplace, off-Exchange, and non-Obamacare family and individual plans? Here are a few of the reasons:

·        Only high-quality companies with “A” ratings are considered, such as Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, SummaCare, Ambetter, and Medical Mutual. While other websites will often include any and all licensed companies, we feel it is important to consider the safety of the carrier, along with the company’s ability to pay claims. Our quote engine will filter out any Marketplace policy that is not approved by the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Since we are located just north of Cincinnati, we often conduct face-to-face visits with underwriting, claims and administrative offices, and General Agents, to check accuracy and efficiency. If a specific company is experiencing financial difficulties or paying excessively-high claims, we will investigate and closely monitor that carrier. You can also view information on the DOI website. If a carrier has filed (requested) a significant increase in policy premiums, we will alert consumers.

·        Obtaining low premiums are always one of our goals, but we feel it is equally important that your private coverage match your unique needs. It is easy to find the policy with the lowest price. However, it is often a challenge to find the plan that costs you the least out of pocket expense, and handles claims fast and efficiently. And that’s what we do for you. Also, we are not working for just  one company. Unlike “going direct,” we compare the best options, not just a few from one carrier. And the rates we find for you are identical to those found on an insurer’s website. It’s the law!

·        There have been many changes in healthcare laws, including the implementation of the “Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act.” The first Ohio Open Enrollment occurred in October of 2013, when pre-existing conditions were no longer excluded or factored into a rate calculation. Also, the federal subsidy began to help many persons pay less for their medical coverage on Exchanges. And now, eight years later, although OE begins each November instead of October, the federal subsidy is still available. Your subsidy amount can change each year.

Many of the new innovations (such as changing names of plans from conventional terms to “Metal” descriptions) took time to understand. We easily and quickly review and explain these terms. If your income is at or under Federal Poverty Levels, we will calculate your subsidy and apply it directly towards your premium. If your income changes, we will review the impact on your plan selection and cost.

·        Premiums tend to increase almost every year. Sometimes, a policy that was once your best option, is now quite overpriced. Annually, we analyze your rate and coverage to ensure you continue to be matched with the best company for your specific situation. In some instances, it is advisable to consider applying for coverage with another carrier, especially if that rate is now hundreds of dollars per month less than your current premium. However, often it’s best to keep the plan you have and simply make minor adjustments.

·        We’re located here in the Buckeye State…just like you! Nobody understands health insurance plans better than us, and we guarantee that you will always receive the lowest available premium. You also will not be called unless you specifically request it. And you can use our live phone and email help, or simply let the quote engine do the hard work for you so you can purchase what you need online. The choice is yours.

Fast Free Quotes Online

An online rate check takes about two minutes. Once you decide which plan is best for you (Please request our free help), the application process is easy. Physicals are not required and you can pay monthly without any service charges or fees. The policy can be canceled at any time, and we contact the insurers to ensure your refund is sent in a timely manner. If you become eligible for Medicare, many Senior Supplement options are offered.

Since it’s your private policy, you can keep the plan, or drop it at any time. However, once you terminate your benefits, you may have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to obtain qualified coverage. If you move, lose work benefits, lose coverage from a divorce, or reach age 26 while covered on a parent’s plan, an exception will allow you to enroll. An SEP allows you to choose any available plan offered in your area, and no medical questions will be asked. If you qualify for federal aid, it will be instantly applied.

Get Covered In 24 Hours

If you need coverage quickly, we find options that allow you to apply and get covered in less than a day. If you take prescriptions, we can help you find the carrier that covers your generic or non-generic drug with the lowest cost to you. If it is a preventive medication, you may not have to pay anything. More costly drugs will have cost-containment features to help.

But perhaps best of all, we continue to provide local service for as long as you own your policy and there never is any obligation.  Health “Marketplace” options allow you to get a tax credit to offset some of your cost. Often, new plans become available (Marketplace and Medigap), and we are available to educate and help you understand how these changes can benefit you.

We take pride that our website is safe and secure. We invite you to utilize all free tools and updated carrier information we provide for your free quote. Getting the best Ohio Health Exchange prices saves you money and that’s our primary goal. Affordable quality medical coverage is available.