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Choose low-cost medical coverage in Ohio and reduce your premiums. Free online health insurance quotes from multiple companies can potentially save you thousands of dollars. We make it easy to shop, compare, and apply for the best prices from the highest-rated carriers. During Open Enrollment, most policies are guaranteed to be approved regardless of any conditions you may have.

If you missed Open Enrollment, there are several affordable plans available. Recent legislation has expanded Open Enrollment periods and provided several extra months to apply for guaranteed benefits. Typically, an initial payment does not have to be made at the time the application is submitted.

You can immediately review online free quotes for private medical coverage, Senior Medicare plans (Supplement, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug), and numerous ancillary options, including dental, vision, life, final expense, disability, and long-term care are available.  Generally, a pdf file is available from the carrier that fully explains specific benefits and exclusions, along with provider network information. Out-of-network coverage (if offered) is also described.

Legislative Changes

Considering all of the changes regarding the creation of Federal and State Exchange Marketplaces, mandated benefits, and elimination of many group plans, you need a local experienced Agency that will help you find the best plans. And that’s exactly what we do. As new Administration-approved plans become available, and the Affordable Care Act is tweaked or updated, we inform you of all changes and how it may impact your current and future benefits.

Although the number of available options has decreased (from about 500 to less than 100), additional steps must be taken before applying, including calculation the amount of your federal subsidy. If your household income disqualifies you from the instant tax credit, an “Off-Exchange” policy should perhaps be considered. It may reduce your premiums as much as 70%, although specific benefits may be limited, and a cap of $2 million may apply instead of unlimited coverage.

You can also utilize our resources and apply for a policy without the help of a broker. Your rate will be the same and you’ll still have full access to all data and information for each plan and carrier. You always receive “direct” pricing, so you can be confident a lower rate can not be found anywhere. It’s the law! Typically, medical plans that require a large application or enrollment fee contain limited benefits with potential large amounts of out-of-pocket expenses.

Reached Age 65?

If you qualify for Medicare and have reached age 65, a Medigap (supplement) may be able to save you money. During Open Enrollment periods, no medical questions are asked, and depending on multiple factors, you may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by having this type of extra benefit. A separate Part D prescription coverage may also be available if you choose a Medicare Advantage plan that does not offer prescription drug benefits.

Recent changes to “Under Age-65” Obamacare plans have very little impact on Medicare Supplement or Advantage options. The large federal tax credits apply to Exchange coverage for individuals and families not already covered by Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP. However, the formulary drug list from your existing plan may have added or deleted medications. High deductible (HD) Plans F and G are also offered. Applicants that became eligible for Medicare in 2021 (or later) must use the Part G plan.


We are also quite different than most other websites since we are located here in Ohio and have spent four decades providing expert guidance. We’re also one of the state’s most popular sources for advice, information and education. If you have questions or concerns regarding policy coverages, healthcare reform or future rates, we provide the answers. Our tools and resources are the best in the industry, and we promptly review and discuss all legislative changes.

And most importantly, we study every available policy to make certain the plans we recommend, meet your budget requirements and also provide the coverage you need. Since pricing is not the same in all areas of the state, it’s important to understand that the best offers in Cincinnati (View Queen City prices here) or Loveland, might be different than the best offers from Akron or Warren. Network availability will also be quite different.

Newer Carriers

As new companies join the Market, such as Oscar, Ambetter, and Molina, we review their plans, verify network coverage, and provide in-depth analysis of their most popular offerings. HealthSpan, Premier, Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare no longer underwrite private medical coverage. However, they continue to offer many Senior products, including Supplements, Advantage plans, and Part D Prescription Drug plans. Medigap benefits can provide substantial reductions in your out-of-pocket expenses.

CareSource is also a new carrier for under age-65 plans to the Buckeye State, although they have always been very active in the Medicaid market.  They feature competitive rates in most areas of the state. Many major carriers (see above) have not been active in the “subsidized policy” marketplace. However, we expect that trend to change, and we will provide price and benefit information for all of their newly-created plans. By 2022, a new portfolio of low-cost major medical policies may be available.

When we provide your health insurance quote, we research and compare all types of coverage. After reviewing all plans, we eliminate policies that are not price competitive or do not offer local network doctors and hospitals. Our goal is to maximize your savings and help you every step of the way during the application process. After the policy is approved, we still provide expert service at no cost. Although we can assist with claim issues, HIPAA data privacy and security regulations may limit our assistance.

If you have serious medical conditions, it may be advantageous to consider a guaranteed-issue option through the Exchange. There may be other considerations, such as the type and cost of your medications (if any), your income, and if the conditions are treatable or will get progressively worse. After reviewing the information, we show you the best policies that will cost you the minimum amount of money. You may even qualify for a subsidy from the government.

Whether you are working for an employer, own your small business or without coverage, our free online Ohio health insurance quote system simplifies the process. The combination of state-of-the-art software and an experienced broker ensures that you will be able to view affordable options and easily apply online for coverage. Depending upon the product and carrier, phone and hard-copy applications are also available. You can also renew policies online.

We’re the only resource that gives you a combination of four decades of experience, high-tech quoting and applying, and the choice of customizing plans, and the level of assistance you wish to receive as you secure a policy. But regardless of the product you are considering, your online quoting experience with us is free, and we will always be a phone call or email away from live help.

Many different medical plan options are available online. Catastrophic, comprehensive, short-term, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are offered with different deductibles and multiple levels of coverage, including Medicaid plans. We are committed to showing you the policies that best meet your personal budget, but also give you the most coverage for the rate you are paying.

It is also important to avoid paying for benefits that you might never use. Often, maternity and other selected coverages are not needed, and elimination of these benefits can result in substantial savings. Higher deductibles can also reduce rates and we provide many low-cost options.