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Health insurance brokers in Ohio help you find the lowest rates offered for your medical coverage and assist in the Open Enrollment process. Senior Medicare plan comparisons are also provided. But obtaining the best prices is just part of the free service you receive. You save hours of research, comparison shopping, and frustration by letting us help. And you will probably save hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars by ensuring you have the best possible plan, shopped and provided by an independent expert.


With more than 40 years of experience, the most comprehensive quoting software in the business, and our policy of always quoting the lowest available Exchange and Marketplace rates, it seems obvious why we’re considered the preferred and most experienced medical insurance broker in the state. You don’t just get our award-winning website. You get the people behind it as well!

We don’t just answer your questions and match you with the best policies. We are trusted advisors that help you understand your benefits, and explain all aspects of your coverage. Consumers prefer to work with local experienced experts instead of a toll-free phone number that could be located outside the US. We live and work here in Ohio, just like you, and we service the entire Buckeye State, including Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Akron, Mansfield, Mason, Springfield, and all other areas.

Regardless of whether you need coverage for a student plan, an HSA, individual or family coverage, Senior Medigap benefits, small and large business, or a temporary policy, we’re confident we can provide the best options for you. We use the best available quote engine for our website, so you don’t have to wait for a call or email to view your quotes. You simply enter basic information and immediately you can compare plans.

Both Obamacare-compliant and non-Obamacare options are available. In selected situations, choosing a customized option that does not meet ACA Legislation requirements, may be very cost-effective. Although maternity benefits may not be covered, premiums are often up to 60% lower. Additional information about brokers in our firm can be viewed in the Agency Locator. NPN (National Producer Number) may be needed.

What Do You, As My Broker, Do For Me?

Quite a bit, although most of the service you may not notice. Typically, when you view  health insurance quotes, there are hundreds of plans to review. Unless you’re an experienced agent, you may not know what to look for, what plans to stay away from, what policies require a down payment or how appropriate the policy is for your needs. And plan availability can change, so it’s important to know you’re applying for a policy that is not going to change benefits or be discontinued.

For example, Administration healthcare legislation proposals may become available in 2021. We will research and review your options 12 months before they are officially released. Approved legislation may create new low-cost plans, with many additional customized options. Pre-existing conditions will continue to be covered, and although federal subsidies will be altered, most Americans will continue to be eligible for financial support. The State high-risk pool probably will not return, although it would provide an affordable option for persons with serious or multiple pre-existing conditions.

Assisting in the Marketplace enrollment process is always appreciated by our customers. Trying to navigate a government website, determine subsidy eligibility, compare “Metal” plans, and answer seemingly unrelated questions is a process no applicant wants to undertake.

With our help, we reduce the time required to apply from about 90 minutes to less than 20 minutes. And in some situations, it takes only about 10 minutes. Since no health-related questions are asked and underwriting is not required, policies are often approved instantaneously. NOTE: Short-term plans require basic underwriting with a few medical questions. Approval of temporary coverage is not guaranteed, and deductibles apply to most benefits.

If you qualify for the federal subsidy, it is automatically included, and instantly lowers your premium. In most counties, you can choose among multiple companies, so it’s important to review network availability. However, in some areas, only a single carrier offers coverage. Since Anthem is not offering private medical coverage in all areas, HSA choices may be limited in some areas. Previously, Anthem offered a single plan in Pike County, but they have significantly expanded their market coverage.

Selecting A Plan

We know and understand each policy since we work with them every day. Easily, we can research more than 100 options and provide the 5-10 plans that are uniquely best for you. If you only want catastrophic and prescription coverage, we’ll find the best options.

If you need a comprehensive plan with copays but are willing to choose a higher deductible, we will find the most suitable policies. Depending on the amount of federal subsidy you receive, it’s sometimes possible to obtain free heathcare benefits, where the government tax credit exceeds the amount of your premium. In many situations, depending on your projected household income, family rates will be less than $100 per month.

If you are terminating a group plan, we help you transition into a new policy. If you need a policy that covers you when you travel across the country, we’ll show you the best options. If you were forced to change plans due to Obamacare regulations, we compare your best choices. Many low-cost choices are offered to upper-income households that won’t be receiving ACA (Affordable Care Act) help. Households with two applicants age 60 (or older) may be eligible for up to $20,000 in federal subsidies.

The Application Process

We assist you when you apply for coverage. Whether the application is submitted through an online link, faxed or emailed, we work with you to insure the paperwork is complete and promptly received by the carrier. We act as your liaison between the health insurance providers and yourself. If there is additional required information, we provide the quickest method for you to furnish what is needed.

After your policy is approved, we don’t disappear. You can contact us any time if you have questions regarding claims, billing, policy coverage or any other issue. And each year, we provide a free comparison of your current plan with other health care plans in Ohio. It’s always a good idea to monitor your rates and make certain they are still a “good buy.” If you are receiving coverage through an employer’s Group plan, there are typically multiple options to consider.

However, if your employer is paying a significant portion of your family premium, it is generally advantageous to keep the coverage.However, often, the employer will pay most or all of the employee’s premium, but a much smaller amount (or none) of the cost of spousal and dependent coverage. Sometimes, in these situations, despite not qualifying for a federal subsidy, considering private coverage for other family members is quite cost-effective.

Do you work late at night? So do we! Try emailing us at midnight and you are likely to get a live response, not a computer-generated message. Even on weekends, we’ll respond to your calls or emails.

Senior Medical Plans In Ohio

If you have reached age 65, Medicare, instead of a private carrier, is probably providing your medical coverage. Although benefits are quite comprehensive, several gaps can result in large out-of-pocket expenses, such as long-term care, copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Also not covered are hearing aids, dental coverage, and eye exams and glasses. Although many “Advantage” plans provide benefits for these items, Supplemental policies generally do not cover them.

What About Exchanges ?

The State and Federal Exchanges continue to operate, and we continue to make it much easier to buy policies through our website. Why? We eliminate the confusion and red tape of a government-owned and run website and still offer the lowest direct prices from EVERY company. If you qualify for a tax-credit (subsidy), we’ll help calculate your savings and explain how you get it. You won’t have to speak to a part-time helper located 1000 miles away. If legislation is repealed or replaced, you can quickly learn about the impact of these changes on your benefits and cost.

What Fees Should I Pay A Broker?

None! No money at all. Here’s why. Health insurers have their own staff that sells policies. And they receive full benefits and compensation from the insurer. Of course, they work for their employer…not you. We work for you and represent all of the large insurers. If Anthem is best for you, we’ll recommend them. If UnitedHealthcare is a better option, then that’s who we will recommend.

Insurance companies in Ohio also like working with brokers since they don’t have to provide an office or website (we already have them). So they win and you also win, by working with someone who won’t charge you a penny, has your best interests in mind, and the experience to determine (with no bias) which policies are your best choices. And of course, we are local, which is just one of many reasons why so many customers like working with us. 

Do You Help Consumers All Over The State? 

Yes, we do. Although we are located between Dayton and Cincinnati, we help customers in Toledo, Columbus, Akron, Youngstown, Springfield, Canton, Hamilton and all other areas. Even if you live in a small community such as Bellbrook or Canfield, we have you covered!