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Humana Ohio healthcare plans were extremely affordable and one of the least expensive short-term medical insurance options. This temporary low-cost policy was a great fit if you wanted benefits for less than six months, or needed immediate coverage.

However, these policies are no longer available as Humana is concentrating on their Senior and Group plans. The remainder of this article is not applicable to coverage here in the Buckeye state. Although it’s possible that they will re-introduce similar plans in the future, it’s not anticipated that options will be available within the next several years.

If you are on COBRA, a graduating student, just returning from abroad, out of work, or waiting for Medicare eligibility, we help you compare the best options. It’s cheap coverage, but there are plenty of benefits and you can pay month to month.

Humana’s Network of doctors and providers is widely accepted in Ohio and most parts of the country. Evolving reform and legislative changes will impact your options, and we will thoroughly discuss and review any changes that will lower your rate. If Humana’s current rates are not competitive, UnitedHealthcare, the IHC Group, National Insurance, National General, and Companion Life options can be considered. You can read more about these options here.

On our website, you will find prices of these plans to be the lowest available options for individuals or families. Our modern quote engine submits applications directly to the carrier and updates any changes daily. If you apply for benefits, expect a process of about 20 minutes and you will likely be approved instantly or within 24 hours. However, if you currently are insured under a HIPAA contract, it may not be wise to consider a temporary policy.

When you pay the full premium (as opposed to monthly), you can receive a discount up to 20%. There are less than 10 questions, and the application is very short. Typically, there is some administrative information needed (date of birth, address, phone etc…) and a handful of medical questions. But it is a very small handful!

Deductible options range from $500 to $10,000, and the carriers will pay either 50%, 80% or 100% of most Network expenses once the deductible is met. Additional standard benefits include office visits, diagnostic lab tests and X-rays, inpatient and outpatient services, surgeries and emergence services. Some preventive benefits are also covered such as Pap smears, mammograms, child health supervision services and colorectal cancer screening. Some prescription and transplant services are also included.

Sample Of Previous Humana Ohio Short Term Monthly Rates:

50-Year-Old Male in Cincinnati area

$76    $5,000 Deductible

$92    $2,500 Deductible

$132  $1,000 Deductible


40-Year-Old Female in Columbus area

$46   $5,000 Deductible

$54   $2,500 Deductible

$78   $1,000 Deductible


Family of Four (Male 45 Female 45 & Two Children) in Cleveland Area

$170   $5,000 Deductible

$205   $2,500 Deductible

$298   $1,000 Deductible

This temporary plan does not pay benefits for any pre-existing condition. If you recently left or lost your job through your employer, AND you have a pre-existing condition and are eligible for COBRA, a short-term plan may not be the best option. Also, no benefits will be payable for expenses resulting from services not medically necessary, services not authorized by a healthcare practitioner, charges in excess of maximum allowable fees, hospice services, and any drug, medicine or device that is not FDA approved. A full set of exclusions is viewable in the policy outline.

For persons waiting to be covered by one of the Exchange plans (because of serious medical concerns), you may be able to qualify for a temporary contract. This will “buy time” until you can qualify for a non-underwritten plan.

UPDATE: As previously mentioned, these plans are no longer available. However, many other carriers continue to offer short-term coverage. A quote takes less than a minute. UnitedHealthcare and National General (PPO Network) are popular Ohio choices for temporary coverage.