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Cheap car insurance in Ohio is available from many of the nation’s largest carriers. Geico, Progessive, Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm and several other companies feature cheap car prices for state residents. You may save a substantial amount of money by comparing current quotes from multiple carriers. what you pay now.

Get a free online quote and see how much you can reduce your premium. We simplify the process by limiting the number of questions required to view your best options. If you apply for a policy online, you can complete the application yourself, or contact us for assistance.

Simply visit our property and casualty website (click on the link) at and provide your zip code. Within moments, you can review offers for all individual and commercial vehicles. There is no cost or obligation and we update the quote engine three times per day. Both high-risk and preferred coverage is offered. If your prior coverage has recently lapsed, or you have been without coverage for more than 60 days, affordable options are available.

How Your Rates Are Determined

Your rate will vary, depending on which part of the state you reside. Typically, costs in Ohio are lower (sometimes substantially lower) than most other states. The cost of repair, and average cost of each claim helps keep our rates low. Also, the cost of lawsuits, plus other tort reform issues, help keep Buckeye costs down. Although, we are “affectionately” referred to as the “Orange Barrel” state, typically, most interstates (I-75, I-71, I-70 etc…) are quite safe. Traffic conditions are monitored, and snow and ice are generally quickly removed.

There are many other factors that impact premiums. For example, the cost of identical coverage in Cleveland vs. Dayton will be different. The age of drivers, the type of vehicles owned, liability limits, deductibles, and number of tickets and accidents on the MVR report make a difference. Some companies utilize your zip code for rating while others use a county-rating method. It is possible that your rates could be as much as 15% different, by moving only 30 miles.

We have had great feedback from our customers, and the savings has been substantial. In addition to standard cars and trucks from all manufacturers, you can also view customized proposals for covering other property and casualty products. Boats, rental property, RVs, motor homes, mobile homes, and motorcycles can also be insured. In many situations, however, it is advisable to utilize separate companies for different risks. For example, while Geico or Farmers may offer the most competitive price for your vehicles, Progressive or Allstate may feature lower motorcycle rates.

Ten Ways To Save Money

Lowering your premium is possible. By following some of our recommendations, you may be able to reduce your rates by as much as 25%-50%. A combination of qualifying for additional discounts and picking the best offers in your area will make a big difference. We take care of the shopping and research so you pay less.

  1. Compare your cost with at least two other recognized companies. You may not realize how much your premium has been increasing until you view rates from other carriers. Every three years you should shop. You can also view complaint information about most companies on the Department Of Insurance (ODI) website.

  2. Consider increasing your collision deductibles, especially on newer vehicles. By raising the deductible from $100 to $500, you’ll probably save hundreds of dollars per vehicle.  Increasing your comprehensive deductible typically does not make as big of a difference since mostly fire, vandalism and theft are at risk. Older high-mileage vehicles generally should not have collision coverage.

  3. Ask for a quote on your homeowner’s coverage from the company that insures your cars. Often a “multi-policy” discount is available when you insure your cars and home with the same company. The discount can range from 5%-25%, depending on the company. Putting on a new roof may also result in a premium reduction.

  4. Drive slower and safer! All major Ohio auto companies offer reductions in premiums the longer you drive accident-free. And many companies further reduce your premium every 3-5 years you drive without an accident. You may also avoid a surcharge if/when you have a mishap.

  5. Ask about discounts. If you have a teen driver, a “good student” discount can reduce the cost from 5%-20%. A “student away” discount could save more. If you are retired and not driving to work, a discount will apply. Many companies offer a reduction if you are 55 or older. Having an alarm system or parking your car inside a garage may also provide a discount. Going “paperless” may slightly lower your premium. Of course, future billing and correspondence will be handled online or via email.

  6. Compare BEFORE you buy a car. If you are contemplating purchasing a new vehicle, you can receive an estimate of cost before you actually make the purchase. You may be surprised how expensive (or inexpensive) some cars will cost and it may affect your buying decision. Typically, newer, sporty, or more expensive cars will increase your premium the most. Moderately-priced SUVs are much less. Used vehicles that are 3-5 years old cost significantly less to cover than a new vehicle.

  7. Maintain a good credit rating. Many companies use your credit information to help determine your rate. And the difference between good credit and bad credit can be as much as hundreds of dollars each year. Thus, pay your bills on time and be aware of your credit score. Utilize the free report you are allowed each year.

  8. Reduce coverages on older cars. If the value of the vehicle is only a few thousand dollars, and you are paying more than $300 per year for your collision benefits ($500 deductible), placing just liability coverage on the older car might be worth considering. If it is a classic or antique automobile, specialized policies are available to protect your investment. Every five years, you may be required to verify the current market value, and possibly the amount of coverage.

  9. Don’t pay for items that you already have. Selected credit cards will provide towing service. And of course, AAA provides a wide range of services including towing. If you are paying for towing coverage on your auto insurance policy, make sure you don’t have that coverage through another company.

  10. Take a “Defensive Driving” course. If it is a state-approved course, you may qualify for a discount with your insurer. In fact, the insurance savings may pay for the entire course! Many reputable companies offer classes. You can also check with your local license bureau for a list of local companies that offer programs recognized and approved by your carrier.

Low cost Ohio auto insurance rates are just a click away. If you think you’re paying too much, you probably are! If you don’t have current coverage, state law requires minimum liability limits. The quotes that you view will include coverages that satisfy the recently increased state requirement. If your vehicle is financed, collision and comprehensive benefits should be included.