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Find the best health insurance plans in Ohio at the cheapest rates. Quality and cost are two of the most important factors we consider when comparing multiple Marketplace policies. Our research and information is available at no cost and free of bias. We work for you! Review private and public medical plans from all available carriers in the Buckeye State including Senior contracts for Medicare-eligible applicants. Open Enrollment provides the opportunity to apply for coverage regardless of past or present medical conditions.

We systematically investigate and analyze all available individual and family policies from the top companies, during and after Open Enrollment. But most importantly, we help you find the most suitable plans that fit into your price range, and still provide the quality coverage that you need. As new legislation is passed, and perhaps previous legislation is altered, we always keep you informed of the most recent changes.

When new Exchange carriers (UnitedHealthcare) begin offering Marketplace plans in various counties, you can review their benefits and prices directly on our website. Although many companies (Anthem, CareSource, Medical Mutual, and Ambetter) offer plan options in many counties, Paramount and Oscar plans are only available in limited counties. SummaCare also offers plans in specific northeastern counties.

Senior Medicare plans are also available to eligible applicants. Generally, you must reach age 65 and have enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Part D prescription drug plans can also be easily compared on our website. Supplement and Advantage plans are also reviewed. Many carriers, including Accendo, Ace Property And Casualty, AFLAC, Allstate, Capitol Life, Cigna, Great Southern Life, Manhattan Life, Medico, Mutual Of Omaha, New Era Life, Union Security, and United American offer robust Medigap options, despite not offering under-65 coverage in most counties.

Medicare Advantage plan benefits that can be compared include  the premium, deductible, MOOP (maximum out-of-pocket expenses), ICL (annual initial coverage limit), pharmacy drug Tier (1-5) copays, office visit copays, diagnostic tests, lab tests, and outpatient x-ray copays, ER copay, inpatient and outpatient hospital out-of-pocket expenses, ground ambulance copay, mental health group and individual copays, an ancillary benefits. Dental, vision, and hearing benefits are commonly included.

Obamacare And Open Enrollment In Ohio

The passage of the “Affordable Care Act” created several changes regarding how you purchase your policy, the type of plan that is available, and the amount of government tax dollars that will help you pay the premium. Your estimated household earnings also impact your premium. However, higher income-earners continue to have many low-cost options, including non-compliant contracts (short-term, and faith-base). Non-Marketplace plans are also popular choices for any healthy applicant that does not qualify for a federal subsidy. But it is critically-important to understand the differences between policies.

The live rates you view on our website are always updated daily to ensure accuracy, and also verified to be the lowest premiums filed with the Department of Insurance. And since our offices are located here in the Buckeye State, we stay “close to the action,” and are always informing you on any type of change. Generally, carriers submit their requests for rate changes by June every year. Price increases (and decreases) are reviewed and approved or disapproved by September. Group and off-Exchange plans also must submit rate change requests. Typically, changes for the upcoming year are published by September.

If you are self-employed or a small business owner, we can help. Typically, the benefit design can be modeled after large employer healthcare programs. However, since you don’t need to provide coverage for thousands of employees, it’s much easier to find an affordable option. “SHOP” is the small business Marketplace that is available to business owners with less than 50 employees. Persons not offered Group benefits can shop and choose catastrophic, comprehensive, or customized blended plan options from multiple insurers.

Temporary contracts allow the applicant to choose options from Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual, and other carriers. Rates are very inexpensive, and plans can be canceled by the customer at any time. Approval often takes less than 24 hours, and  large PPO networks are available (Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna through Allstate).

Comparison Of Ohio Healthcare Plans Video

A single 30-year-old male will have different needs than a family of four. Whether you are single, married, working for yourself, or jobless, within a few short minutes, you can easily review policies and apply for coverage. If you are eligible for a tax credit through an approved Exchange option, we’ll calculate that for you. However, you can also select a policy that is not subsidized, and not considered a Marketplace or Exchange plan.

For example, if you are without coverage and need to quickly find a plan for the next three months (or longer), a short-term policy may be your best option. Coverage can be approved the next day, and flexible benefits and ancillary options are provided. Depending on the carrier, up to 24-36 months of coverage may be offered. Benefits can be customized although pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Our website helps you compare plans in many ways:

·        Price-Perhaps the most common method of shopping…You can easily pick a monthly premium you would like to pay and view plans in that price range. Naturally, the lower the price, the less benefits you will receive. A major medical health insurance (only) policy will substantially reduce your premium. A low deductible policy with no copays will cost the most. Sometimes, the rate in Cincinnati might be less than a similar policy in Toledo. And, depending on many factors, it could be just the opposite.

     Often, urban suburbs, such as Beachwood (near Cleveland), Westerville (near Columbus), Sylvania (near Toledo), and Tipp City (near Dayton) enjoy extremely competitive pricing. However, costs of coverage will not vary inside a specific county for under-65 or Senior Medicare coverage.

·        Company – It is not uncommon to request a policy from a specific carrier you have been previously insured with. Or, you may have recently been covered through a group plan that you wish to duplicate. Whether it’s Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Medical Mutual, UnitedHealthcare, Humana or another smaller company, you will be able to study plans from many carriers… or just one. Some of the newer options, such as Molina, Ambetter, and CareSource can also be considered.

     SummaCare is an attractive option in the Akron/Canton area and much of the northern portion of the state. Oscar is fairly new to the Buckeye State, and features the Cleveland Clinic in its network of providers. Previously, Medical Mutual included the Cleveland Clinic in its private plan network. Ambetter and Molina are not as well-known as other insurers, but they offer very attractive pricing. Paramount is available in several counties, but offers limited selections.

·        Type Of Plan – Whether you want a comparison of catastrophic, comprehensive or Health Savings Account (HSA) plans, you can select the type of coverage that suits you best, and view only those types of policies. We try to make it as easy as possible to find and research the type of benefits that best fit your income level and meet your objectives. For example, if you want to keep premiums low and cover only large claims, there are specific major medical plans that are very pocketbook-friendly. Conversely, other policies can be purchased that feature the lowest possible deductibles.

     Several $0 deductible plans are offered including many options when Silver-tier plans qualify for “cost-sharing.” Although the initial out-of-pocket expense limit is low, major claims can still result in the maximum allowed out-of-pocket expense limit (per person) of $8,550. Family policies are capped at $17,100 of out-of-pocket expenses. When utilizing out-of-network providers, these limits can increase.

·        Coverage – Higher deductibles can substantially reduce your premium. A popular health insurance tool is viewing medical plans with deductibles of $5,000 or higher. Possible savings of thousands of dollars per year in premiums can easily offset the increased out-of-pocket costs. We’re happy to review the best HSA options for you and your family. And of course, low-deductible plans are plentiful. These options are typically found in the Bronze or Silver tiers of Metal contracts. Platinum-tier policies are often not available in many counties.

Why Us?

When considering different options, it’s important to be able to make an informed decision by utilizing current resources that provide the information you need. We are the leader for free healthcare advice and guidance in the Buckeye State. Our tools, information and state-of-the-art software allow you to view all available policies at the lowest offered prices. Enrollment of all plans is streamlined with no fees or expenses. Multiple billing options from carriers are always offered. Marketplace contracts feature direct monthly billing with no additional charges or fees. Most plans include a grace period and at any time throughout the Open Enrollment period, you can change carriers.

Often, a policy may appear to be “free.” In these situations, the available federal subsidy exceeds the cost of your policy, resulting in no required premium for you to pay. Because your household income can change each year, it is important that we review your eligibility before each Open Enrollment. At that time, you can keep or replace any existing coverage. If your projected household income changes, your new subsidy will also be different. During national pandemics, subsidy-eligibility is often temporarily changed.

Importance Of Checking With Your Network Provider

Network availability has become a major consideration that must not be ignored. Many carriers offer multiple “tiers” of coverage. Preferred tiers offer lower pricing but may not include your personal physician or specialist. Also, several companies offer regional network coverage, depending upon your county of residence. Other carriers offering plans in the area, may provide larger network options, especially for medical facilities and specialists. For example, the Oscar Ohio Network is not as sizeable as the Anthem or Medical Mutual Networks, but there are still many available options. Ambetter and Molina are more popular in other states, and also don’t have large networks in specific Buckeye State counties.

Although your policy in previous years may have included all of your providers (including OBGYN), it’s possible that new plans for next year may not include specific doctors that were previously considered “in-network.” The shifting tier design helps insurers find service areas that have lower costs, and they share the savings with policyholders. It’s also possible that additional carriers could begin offering coverage in your service area, which would create additional available plans. For example, Aetna may begin offering Marketplace plans in Ohio in 2022 or 2023.

We regularly fact-check all pages and allow you to apply for coverage online, by email or by fax. We consider customer comments regarding company satisfaction and how efficiently and quickly claims are paid. Also, we review independent publications such as “Consumer Reports,” although we find our own focused research does just as well. Many additional Ohio medical journals provide excellent research, including the official Ohio State Medical Association publication.

Health insurance does not have to be costly. Many plans will include benefits that you will never use or you are extremely unlikely to use. Also, many times it is not worth paying thousands of extra dollars for a benefit that will only cost you a few hundred out-of-pocket dollars. We’ll identify these coverages and recommend alternatives that will reduce your premium.

No matter what part of the day (or night) you visit this website, you will be able to view live cost and benefit information. Also, if you prefer, you can contact us directly with your details and we will review your specifics and advise you how to proceed.