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The “Other” Ed Harris

This website is owned and operated by Ed Harris. Ed was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pa. In 1980, he graduated (Finance and Journalism) from Miami University in Oxford, and began his career in the insurance business. Although he has acting experience, he is not the “actor” Ed Harris!

For 42 years, he has helped consumers find the most affordable Ohio health insurance plans. Since the passage of the “Affordable Care Act,” (Obamacare), Ed and this website have been assisting consumers shop and compare plans through the Ohio Marketplace, calculate federal subsidy eligibility, and simplify the online enrollment process.

He also assists Seniors in the Buckeye State with their Medicare needs. Many Medigap options are offered from local and national carriers. This website compares benefits and provides research data in an easy-to-understand format.

He resides in Springboro, with his wife (from Pittsburgh) and two children. He enjoys tennis, golf, international politics, and movies. And once every 10 years, he reluctantly bowls. A not-so-current picture is shown below. Perhaps when he reaches age 80, the photo will be replaced., is the recognized premier resource for Ohio health insurance rates, quotes and Exchange help. Marketplace rates and information are updated daily, The quotes you view are the best available prices offered by each company. There are never any costs for using the website and often, a live person is available until about midnight (via email during later hours). Both “on” and “off” Marketplace options are available.

Seniors can easily view and compare Medicare Supplement, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug plans. Medigap coverage has an annual Open Enrollment period which begins earlier than the OE period for applicants under age 65.

Consumers are able to purchase policies direct, or utilize free tools and assistance from experienced professionals. Oh Exchange policies are easily and quickly purchased on our website. Personal financial information is not shared, and visitor privacy is taken very seriously. A combination of modern quote engines and award-winning content makes us the most popular destination for residents of the Buckeye state needing medical coverage.

Fun facts about Ed:

* He only sends about seven text messages each week (His daughter sends seven per minute).

* He was voted “One Of The Ten Worst Golfers On Campus” at Miami in 1979.

* He was the Sports Editor of the oldest college newspaper in the United States…”The Miami Student.”

* He won the 2006 “Sporting News Fantasy Football Playoffs Contest” by finishing first out of 96,000 entries.

* Since you started reading this page, his daughter has sent 12 more text messages.

* Recently, Ed and family members visited Green Bay and watched a Packers game. Sadly, his better intentions flew out the window and he bought a cheesehead.

Ed is also actively engaged in social media where he shares his experience and provides instant help and advice to questions.