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The national health care law, that affects all Ohio citizens, (Obamacare) is unconstitutional, according to a ruling this week by Federal District Court Judge Roger Vinson in Florida. So far, four federal judges have ruled on the constitutionality of forcing citizens to purchase health insurance. Two have upheld the law and two have ruled against it.

Here in Ohio, individual and family  coverage remains unaffected (for now). The recent required preventive benefits mandate will remain in place along with a few other changes that had been made, such as the elimination of lifetime maximum limits. Rates continue to be a “good buy” compared to almost every other state. Of course, if the bill is allowed to pass, most experts agree that rates will increase (perhaps substantially) in 2014.

Currently, e(5-23-2012), we are still waiting to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling on the mandate forcing consumers to buy health insurance. Of course, this will have a big impact on the entire “Affordable Care Act.” If approved, the “Affordable Care Act” will continue. If the mandate is deemed to be unconstitutional, it is expected that all carriers will face major profitability challenges, and would exit the Marketplace.

My Opinion

Based on my 30 years in the health care business, I expect (and any others agree), that we will see a Supreme Court decision in 2012 to determine the fate of the bill. The majority of Americans are not particularly happy with the legislation, and I have a feeling the court will rule 5-4 in favor of the repeal.

What bothers many Ohioans are the “backroom deals” that were used to sway votes in Congress along with the fact that most members of Congress never bothered to read the bill. Also, shortly after it was passed, it became very obvious that  individuals and families would NOT be able to keep their present healthcare coverage exactly as it was. This, despite President Obama’s guarantee, that policyholders would be able to maintain their existing coverage.

A Better Health Care Reform Idea

While some type of reform of the current system is needed, we don’t want Ohio health insurance rates to surge. Perhaps a better idea last year would have been the increased utilization of Health Savings Accounts, added financial incentives to those that pay for their own coverage and increased funding for the high risk pools for those with major health issues. Oh…and reading the legislation you’re voting on always helps!

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