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Broker, Insurance Company Or Government Exchange?

Purchasing healthcare coverage is like filing your tax return. You know you have to do it, but it’s time-consuming, frustrating and you hope you don’t have to pay too much. And thankfully, you only have to take care of it once per year. You hope your premiums didn’t go up from the previous year (or not much), and you won’t spend too much time on the shopping, comparison and enrollment process Here in Ohio, we get a big break. Not only are rates lower than most states, but we have a much broader selection of companies that offer policies. Whether its Anthem BC, Medical Mutual, Premier, Aetna,...

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Ohio Open Enrollment Help For Obamacare Health Insurance

If you are enrolling for Ohio healthcare coverage through the Insurance Exchange, you may need free professional guidance to help compare the best medical plans, calculate your federal subsidy,  determine eligibility, and enroll online for the best effective date. Fortunately, we specialize in assisting customers find the most affordable Ohio Marketplace policies, and making it easy to apply and purchase comprehensive benefits at the lowest cost. Although we probably say this on every page…it’s important to state it again – there are no costs or fees when we help you enroll, and thanks to...

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Ohio Health Insurance Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange is the new way to buy healthcare in the Buckeye state. Although our website makes it easy for you to compare Marketplace plans and apply for coverage, we understand there are many questions that consumers have. Whether its regarding 2021 Open Enrollment, Obamacare subsidies or finding the cheapest options, we have the answers for you. What Is The ” Exchange” And When Can I Buy Policies? It’s the relatively new “Marketplace” that was created by the passage of “The Affordable Care Act.”  Different plans are offered from various companies (not all of them) and...

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List Of Medical Conditions Now Covered Under Obamacare

Have you been previously denied for a pre-existing condition when applying for health insurance? Or, were you charged a higher premium (perhaps substantially higher) because of a current medical ailment or medication you took in the past? If you have, you understand the difficulty of finding and purchasing affordable healthcare in Ohio before the ACA legislation was passed. The good news is that the practice of denying coverage, increasing prices or delaying benefits for specific conditions, ended several years ago. Effective with Open Enrollment, you are not required to answer medical...

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Our Little Girl Is Attending Ohio State University

Do you have a daughter? If you do, you understand how precious they are. Whether they’re hugging Minnie Mouse at Disney, dance recitals, her first day at kindergarten or trying on Mom’s clothes, little girls are always special to Daddy. And then, before you know it, they grow up. Fast. Really fast.  It was just yesterday (or so it seemed) that our daughter talked about how much she enjoyed junior high school. Her seventh grade teachers were all very special and the big school was so neat. Wait a minute. That wasn’t yesterday. That was more than five years ago. And now, she’s a young lady,...

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