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Healthspan Ohio Medical Coverage – No Longer Available

HealthSpan health insurance rates in Ohio were among the cheapest options for individuals, Medicare patients, and small businesses in the service area. Locally based in Cincinnati, they are a non-profit company that works with Catholic Health Partners (CHP), the Buckeye State's biggest medical...

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Understanding Metal Plans Through The Ohio Health Exchange

The process of buying health insurance in Ohio has changed. Policy benefits are different, rates are no longer the same, medical questions are no longer asked, and individual and family federal subsidies can reduce the premium you pay. We will always provide the lowest prices, and you are now...

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Ohio Healthcare Marketplaces Plan Changes And Reform Legislation

Ohio healthcare Marketplace changes and reform impact the way you purchase your medical coverage, the rate you pay, the benefits you receive, the cost of Exchange plans, and the amount of taxes you pay. Wow! That's a lot of changes! We will review the differences and updates you are likely to see,...

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Healthy Ohio – Programs To Improve Our Health And Wellness

"Healthy Ohio" is one of six Public Health And Safety divisions of the ODH.  Its purpose is to maintain and improve the health of all Buckeye State residents, improve lifestyle and to make individuals and businesses more efficient both at work and when they are utilizing medical-related equipment...

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