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Anthem Blue Cross Short Term Health Insurance – Ohio Temporary Coverage

Anthem BCBS short term health insurance in Ohio is a popular low-cost option if you need immediate medical coverage for up to one year. 364 days of benefits are offered with an option to re-apply for additional 364-day periods. This affordable plan can provide needed benefits between Open Enrollments, and give you or your family the needed stopgap policy until a permanent solution is found. Plans that cost less than $3 per day are available. Anthem Enhanced Choice is ideal for persons that prefer a non-Obamacare option, don't qualify for federal subsidies, or prefer a national provider...

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What Do You Do With My Personal Information?

We are Ohio’s respected resource for affordable health insurance Exchange and reform information. But what do we do with the personal information you provide when requesting a quote? Actually, the answer is simple. Nothing! That’s right. Unlike most insurance websites you may have visited, we only share information with a working partner used to provide your quotes. We take security very seriously. If you provide your phone number, it will not be placed on a "call list." And although you may receive an occasional email from us regarding Ohio health insurance information, you will never be...

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Dental Insurance In Ohio – Compare Affordable Oh Dental Plans

Dental insurance plans in Ohio are affordable, easy to apply for, and available through many of the most recognized insurers. The cost of good managed-care coverage, which includes regular preventive checkups, is actually less expensive than most people realize. Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual and Humana are four of the larger providers in the state. There are also many other smaller carriers that offer “discount “plans. We combine more than 40 years of experience with our unmatched and unbiased knowledge of insurance coverage. You’ll view the lowest available premiums on...

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Health Insurance Brokers In Ohio – Get Free Online Advice

Health insurance brokers in Ohio help you find the lowest rates offered for your medical coverage and assist in the Open Enrollment process. Senior Medicare plan comparisons are also provided. But obtaining the best prices is just part of the free service you receive. You save hours of research, comparison shopping, and frustration by letting us help. And you will probably save hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars by ensuring you have the best possible plan, shopped and provided by an independent expert. Experience With more than 40 years of experience, the most comprehensive quoting...

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Ohio Health Insurance Laws, Compliance, And Regulations

Ohio health insurance laws are designed to protect Buckeye residents. Whether it’s your individual medical coverage, a plan through your employer, Senior Medicare coverage, or perhaps a guaranteed-issue policy through COBRA, laws and regulations help keep rates affordable and coverage up to date. Coverage is not mandatory, although it is highly recommended to enroll privately during Open Enrollment, or through an employer. Current laws also help consumers understand the rules. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) also aids consumers with mild and serious pre-existing conditions that otherwise...

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